Most fans of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG are crazy, do not forget the Mercedes-Benz sport utility vehicle also offers G series diesel version. For off-road performance with known it, the power system is the most important part. Unfortunately, the currently marketed models are equipped with a V6 diesel engine only (G350 BlueTEC), its power, at least from the data, and not so good. Thus, modification firms from Germany Special Customs not this generation G350 BlueTEC as their next target modification, but the choice of the old section of G400 CDI. The whole interior still retains the original style of the vehicle audi a6 turbocharger, just in the vicinity of the center console and door use of carbon fiber trim. Suede roof installation of a similar material, making the whole cabin environment relatively low-key, with the appearance of a bold flamboyant style in stark contrast. Welcome pedal backlight and body paint of the same color and with the GSC logo is perhaps the only small number of the interior of the eye can introduce place. Lets move on to the vehicle side, the most eye-catching than the opening in the side of the exhaust pipe audi tt 1.8 turbocharger, carbon fiber-style mirrors are quite personal. Spare tire cover surface uses the same carbon fiber material, honeycomb grille on the rear bumper and the overall style does not take, slightly redundant. 22-inch seven-spoke wheels with wide 305/40 R22 tires seem overbearing. However, Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG include G-Class models, including tires with maximum dimensions of only 20 inches, increasing the wheels bound to affect the overall performance of the vehicle. But he had to admit that the final modification effect is quite characteristic. G400 GDI was equipped with a 4.0 liters V8 engine, although larger displacement, but its power output with the G350 BlueTEC is equipped with the V6 engine Ford 1.6 turbocharger and no difference. Since the Special Customs modified mainly focused on appearance, long enough to pull the wind, then choose the G400 CDI is understandable. Special Customs for the G400 CDI with AMG body kit installation style is somewhat similar, but more assertive style.