When you are going to buy anything, your buying behavior depends upon different factors.

But when it about buying a complicated technology likes VPN. The importance of these factors increases drastically. There are various kinds of people who look different factors when they are buying a VPN Software.

Some look towards low pricing while some look towards security features. Netflix, Hulu, and Games lovers look for server locations and speed. In short everyone has its preference towards every VPN providers. But there are some common features that everyone needs to have in their VPN Software.

If we are looking at the VPN users. We come to know that most of the VPN users are not tech savvy so one of the most important features for every VPN is that, It should be User-friendly.

  • A VPN main purpose is to eliminate the threat of data theft.
  • VPN allow you to access the geo-restricted content.
  • VPN can allow you to solve your latency issues.


After conducting research, I am ranking the top VPN Software providers.


  1. PureVPN
  2. IPVanish
  3. HideMyAss
  4. IronSocket
  5. Express VPN


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