Concrete pump installation     When installing concrete pump source to test concrete. If it is concrete, mixer truck for the material, pumps may be installed, as long as it can be easy to take over and feed. If the on-site mixing of concrete, the first to determine the location of the mixer according to the venue and mixer feeding mode, and then to determine the location of the concrete mixer pump according to the discharge height and suitable for pumping and takeover requirements. The latter described as follows: 1) The pump 2) baffles 3) Support 4) chute 5) 1. First, concrete mixer pump is placed on a solid concrete floor or a pier, to maintain the level and four-pump machine a leg lock pins and safety pins, the tire off the ground or removed tires. js1000 small concrete mixer truck 2. make a chute according to the mixer spout and pump hopper, so that the mixer discharged into the hopper feed pump through the chute. As shown in FIG. 3. chute commonly used as a skeleton angle, welding 1.5mm thick steel plate. Chute below set up with support to make it secure. 4. Typically, the hopper pump requires heightened about 20cm, so Hopper volume increased to ensure that the concrete will not drain. Because the best time compulsory mixer unloading emptied, so flowing into the hopper of concrete more evenly. If the graded discharge, finally out of the concrete stone ones, for pumping disadvantage, especially large concrete slump, should pay attention to, so the hopper pump to be heightened. If it is a large-capacity mixer, you can do a hopper in advance, in order to ensure continuous supply. 5. Place the chute, requiring adequate slope, the inclination angle is preferably between 25 ° -40 °, the gap is not too large. 6. chute connected to the pump hopper, chutes and hoppers to leave some space for easy cleaning hopper and sieve. 7. After installation in place, look at the whole, to ensure delivery of the pump casing door switch freely, easy maintenance operations. Blender works After the motor starts, the power is transmitted to the worm shaft, worm drives worm gear to rotate, so that the worm shaft driven Dawson sets the rotation. Dawson sleeve mounted pinion shaft and pinion shaft will do 2015 rhd 4m3 concrete mixer truck about the worm shaft revolution, because the pinion gear and the inner ring gear, therefore, is linked with the pinion shaft of the stirring blade to achieve a revolution at the same time as, at the same time for the revolution in the opposite direction of rotation, stirring the pot stirring blade trajectory.    Stirring blade rotation movement in the pot there, and also with the movement in the opposite direction of rotation of orbital motion, so that the cement paste is agitated and roll, get the best cement paste.    1. stirring the pot diameter is 0.02mm with indexing vernier caliper measurements. The depth of the pot with a depth measuring card.    2. stirring blade wings stick crude with a vernier caliper measurements.    3. The distance between the bottom of the pot-winged stick with measurement and adjustment:    The feeler or test block on the bottom of the pan, loosen the lock nut with a wrench, put down the stirring leaf stirring rod bottom contact with the measured block, then tighten the nut to M16.    The blade and the pan sidewall gap, measured with a feeler by loosening fixing the motor with the column of four M6x20 fastening screws, moving motor, the stirring blades and the sidewall of the gap to man concrete mixer trucks jzr350r meet the requirements so far. Then tighten the four M6 x20 screw.    5. stirring blade revolution and rotation speed, speed stopwatch available within 1min repeated twice averaged to obtain.    6. stirring time available digital display is automatically displayed.